Photoshop Tutorials = Money

  • The Concept:
    Create Photoshop tutorials and submit to tutorial submission websites.
    Recieve traffic and optimize a website to get Adsense clicks.
  • Method Type: White Hat
    Revenue Source: PPC
  • Average Reported Income:
    10 – 20 cents/day per Tutorial.
  • The Method:
    This method easily makes $500/month or more. It is scalable, so the amount is really up to the individual. It is a great money making method if you are familiar with Photoshop. The traffic is targeted, so they are more likely to click your Adsense. You just have to create enough tutorials to make it work. However, the income is guaranteed and it never fails. Another option to save effort and time is to hire someone to make the tutorials for you.

First, you will need to create a website where you will showcase your Photoshop tutorials. Be sure to get a catchy domain name that has Photoshop as a keyword in the domain. For example, yourphotoshopguide.com or tutorials-photoshop. com, which is nice for SEO since it has Photoshop in the website name.

Then you create about 5 tutorials a day. Each one should take you no longer than 30 minutes to create. You might want to consider preparing a list in advance of what you will make the tutorials about. You can also go to Photoshop tutorial websites, copy their tutorials, but just change the wording and the screenshots to make it your own.

When you are done with the tutorials and upload them to your website. Then visit the list of Photoshop Tutorial Submission websites and post your tutorial. Here is a list of Submission websites:

These tutorial submission websites get large amounts of traffic. They will hyperlink your tutorial page from their website and you can get 1000’s of hits a day in traffic. You may also consider submitting the tutorial to Social Bookmarking Sites.

Optimize your tutorial with Adsense as best as you can and the visitors will click your ads, making you an average of 10 to 20 cents per tutorial, every day.

-Summary Overview:
1. Buy a domain and hosting.
2. Create website or blog to showcase tutorials.
3. Create a Photoshop tutorial.
4. Add Adsense to the tutorial page.
5. Submit to major Photoshop tutorial websites.
6. Immediately get up to 300 hits/day from the traffic.
7. Repeat Steps 3 thru 6 over and over again.
8. Make lots of money!

  • Final Word:
    Although it may look like a lot of work, those 10 – 20 cent/day tutorials can add up. Pretty soon, you will have enough tutorials to really bring in a lot of money.
  • Long-term income:
    20 cents x 365 or one year = $73 bucks per tutorial.
    20 cents x 2 years = $146 bucks per tutorial.
    …and so on.

If you aren’t a Photoshop expert, you can also consider outsourcing for others to create the tutorials.

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