Make Money With Amazon This Christmas WITHOUT Having To Write A Ton Of Content

“Can you make money as an Amazon affiliate at Christmas WITHOUT having to write a ton of content?”

The answer is — Sort Of!  You WILL still need to write some content to follow this method BUT not too much and obviously the more you write the better you will do.

OK, here it goes:

Follow this method starting today and you will be making money before Christmas with Amazon as an affiliate.

– First up — and this is REALLY useful — Amazon has done all the hard work for you!

They have released their top toys list:

20 17 Holiday Toy List

This toys list are the toys that Amazon think will be the best sellers at Christmas.

-So mix it up a bit and head over and pick 3 from each section.For example pick 3 toys for boys, 3 for girls, 3 movies, 3 video games.

So you will have a list of 12 toys — you can do more or less it is up to you but I recommend that you pick 10+.Armed with your mighty toy list — you will now need a landing page.

  • NOTE: I recommend that you build an entire site around the toy as laid out in the Amazon Christmas Cash method BUT for the purposes of this post and the promise that it would not require a lot of writing a landing page will do.

For your landing page I recommend that you use a simple site builder:

Free website | Free blog | Create a free website | Weebly

Although you will not own the content which is a downside it will enable you to get a site up and running very quickly.

For your landing page content, you will want to visit the product page on Amazon.com…All you need to do is put the title of the toy as the top of the page.You can copy and paste the features of the toy from Amazon.com and then you will want to write 3 or 4 paragraphs of text explaining about the benefits of those features.

-So nothing too complicated just a few paragraphs that explain what the toy does, why kids love it and why it is a top seller.At the bottom of your landing page you will want to put a strong call to action.When I create a call to action for Amazon products I normally just rely any information about discounts. You will see if the item has a discount when you look at the price on Amazon.You can also mention that it is going to be a top selling toy and if you want to get the toy in time for Christmas it is best to order early.

-Then put a big link to the item and put your Amazon affiliate link in there.

-Repeat the above for ALL of your toys. Come on you can do it — I know it is a bit of content but I did say you would have to write some… OK, now we need views of these pages. For this we are going to use the power of YouTube.Let us take the Furby Boom as an example, assuming that is one of your toys, if not please follow with one of your toys. Head over to Google and type in “Furby Boom”:

-You can also try phrases like “Furby Boom Review” “Buy Furby Boom” — what you are looking for are the top ranking YouTube videos.Bookmark or make a note of the URL’s for the Top videos that are ranking for your toy.

-Next you will want to create a YouTube channel that is called something like “Top Toys At Christmas Countdown” — something like that as you are going to run a countdown of the toys…When you set up your YouTube channel make sure that you add a description and you just need to say something like “Customer opinions of the Top Christmas toys for 2013” — also remember to add your website created by weebly or ideally your own site to the description.

Now all you need to do is download Camtasia it is has a 30 day free trial:

Download Camtasia Free Trial for Mac and Windows

Or you can use Jing:

Jing, screenshot and screencast software from TechSmith

All you need to do now is head back to the product page and you are going to record the screen and give a review of the product.

You just need to say:

“Welcome to my special Youtube channel where I will be giving you a rundown of the top Christmas toys and customer opinion.

If you are in a hurry you can check out our review site which you will find below this video.”

“First up we have the “toyname” and we will look at some of the features…”

-You then go through the features, the benefits of the features and scroll down and have a look at the customer opinion.You can give the toy a score out of 10 and also tell them to visit your site below the video to get the best deals and see more top toy reviews.This is super easy to do and remember when you have created your video you will want to add a description but put a link going through to your toy site and the page that has a review of the toy.You then add a short description after the link — “This site will tell you more about the [toyname] and where to get the lowest prices online as well as customer opinion about the toy.”

-Remember the top videos you noted down above?Now you want to head over to them and just leave a comment.

  • NOTE: Do not leave a link — that would be too spammy. You want to say “Awesome video — check out my channel for a full review on the [toyname].

-Rinse and repeat.

This method is SUPER FAST and will make you money plus some of the videos might get ranked as well…

Of course it works better if you use it with one of your own sites as oppose to just a landing page but will work to make you money either way…

I hope you find this useful and take action on it — the time to take advantage of the Christmas crowd on Amazon is now…

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