How To Creating Amazon Affiliate Sites and Driving Adwords Traffic

We all know Google hates affiliate sites – but I have managed to get past this issue with several sites in the past month, and yesterday alone I got 4 sites approved.

You can either use the coupon method (free AdWords) – or paid PPC; if you have targeted a profitable niche and have your keywords.

Things you need :

1. Adwords account (obvious)

2. Magento – Amazon Setup.

You will need to take time building your store – the beauty of this is you can just use any theme related to your niche, and it will pass Google. Important things needed:

1. About Us Page
2. Privacy Pages
3. Shipping and Delivery Policy
4. FAQ
5. Contact Us (with an address/phone)

These détails don’t need to be real and can be copied easily from anywhere.

3. Once the site has been set up – and you have imported products, simply turn off the affiliate function. When its turned off – products get added to the cart normally just like any other store.

4. Create a campaign, wait for approval.

5. Once approved and ads are showing; turn on the affiliate function again. Ads have not get disapproved/banned at all.

If you use the coupon method, set a low budget; once the ads are approved – increase it. I usually set to $5 per/day; then move on to $30/day.

Low CPC keywords – create Highly targeted campaigns for your homepage. Don’t target brand names – these get flagged faster. General keywords and long tails are better. I usually fill up with 1000 exact matches.

Find HIGH priced products ($1000+); if you make 1 sale/week its an easy $200300/month (depending on your on % with Amazon though).

I’ve added the Amazon disclaimer to footer; after ads are approved – and nothing has happened.

1. Adwords accounts created with fake billing etc.,?
– Tried both ways, I have sites that I am promoting with my ‘real’ account as well, and fake ones.

2. Do you add a VCC or Just make a Gmail based AdWords account.
– VCC, Real credit card, and extra Seo’s method of Manual payment with no VCC.

3. How many days does it usually take to get approved for eligible status?
–  1->3 Days.

4. Is this the real trick to get accepted into Google AdWords? Faq, contact us, Disclaimer kind of pages?
– I believe the more ‘legit’ the site looks; the higher the chances of acceptance. Ie, not some new domain and pages put together.

Below is one of my test/throwaway domains, and that went through AdWords; without any disclaimer etc..

I had the ‘footer’ removed, and had the affiliate function turned off before I submitted for approval.

[Image: 6n5iZ.png]

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